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Scala: ‘gay marriage’ destroys society–Dorothy says “Get off the Cross- Jesus needs the wood!”

November 8, 2010


Catholic News Agency

Catholic News Agency


Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nov 4, 2010 / 10:01 pm (CNA).- Jorge Scala, a lawyer with the pro-life organization Portal de Belen in Argentina, spoke out this week, explaining the negative effects same-sex “marriage” has on society.

Argentina legalized gay “marriage” and the adoption of children by same-sex couples in July 2010.

“If they are allowed to marry and the government recognizes their marriages, then we will need to change what we teach our children in schools and tell them that when they reach the age of 18 they can marry either a man or a woman,” Scala said.

Scala- Get off the Cross... Jesus needs the wood!

He went on to denounce Argentina’s National Institute Against Discrimination as “a sort of Gestapo of the government” that is “changing anti-discrimination laws so that anyone who says homosexual conduct is wrong will go to jail.”

“It’s one thing to tolerate homosexuality as private behavior,” he continued, “but a law that allows homosexual marriage intends not only to legitimize it but to promote it under threat of prison.”

Legalizing gay “marriage” would leave “society destroyed, because the family is the basic cell of society,” and “if I destroy the family or undermine it, I a

via Legalization of gay ‘marriage’ destroys society, says Argentinean lawyer :: Catholic News Agency (CNA).


What Would Dorothy Do?


What would the world come to by legalizing gay marriage? 

First, the Catholics might have nothing left to expoloit but Pedophile Priests… 

Second, how horrible would it be if there were legal ramifications to discriminating against a minority?  Did the US fall apart when the federal government enforced civil rights? No!

Finally… What proof does Scala have that civilizations fall apart when Gay Marriage is allowed?  Has Canada, Sweeden, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Iceland or South Africa fallen apart because of gay marriage?  Nope!  Infact, aren’t most of these countries former strong Catholic states?… just sayin…