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Saudi Man Gets Five-Year Prison Term for Same Sex Relationship

November 8, 2010




The 27 year-old man, who was arrested by the kingdom’s religious police, was also convicted of publishing photos on the internet and on mobile phones of himself wearing women’s underwear, the newspaper reported without giving his name. The court fined him 50,000 riyals ($13,300), the newspaper said.

Saudi Arabia adheres to a strict version of Islam. Homosexuality is illegal and the kingdom’s courts often sentence people to death by public beheading for crimes such as rape, murder and drug trafficking.

via Saudi Man Gets Five-Year Prison Term, 500 Lashes for Gay Sex, Okaz Reports – Bloomberg.

Finally a place where we can send all the homophobic bigots in the states (Boyd Packer, Paul Mero & His cronies, the whole damn Tea Party)… Saudi Arabia, maybe they’ll be able to live their lives without the threat of being recruited by The Gay! 

Seriously though, and all do respect to the Islamic faith and it’s many virtues, it’s time to abandon the eye for an eye mentality and separate church and state.  It’s concepts like this that make me glad our founding fathers wanted those ties severed early in America’s history.

  1. donna
    November 10, 2010 at 4:44 am

    I don’t advocate judicial execution of homosexuals but then again I don’t want them “parading” in the streets either.

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