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Destroying Lives Around the World-Ex-Gay/Reparative Therapy Groups

November 8, 2010


Reparative Therapy Protestor


Rev. Dr. Cindi Love works with groups like Soulforce to show people around the world that the message homosexuality can be “repaired” doesn’t just ruin lives – it ends them.

By Rev. Dr. Cindi Love

Most of us are familiar with “ex-gay” or “reparative therapy” groups, like National Organization for Research and Therapy of Homosexuals (NARTH#, Love Wins Out, Exodus International, and Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality #Jonah), which peddle a very dangerous message to people of faith struggling with their sexuality: homosexuality is an unnatural defect that is not part of God’s plan and that it can be removed over time by attending the group’s events. Of course, it happens to cost a substantial fee.

It’s the modern version of snake-oil, or to put it in a more modern context, those electrodes that promise you six-pack abs with no exercise. And while we may laugh, these folks are not only still taken seriously in some quarters –popping up on cable television with regularity or trotted out as “balance” in coverage of LGBT issues and religion – they are no joke to be taken lightly. They continue to destroy lives here and are taking the show on the road in other countries around the world.

via Destroying Lives Around the World | Commentary | The Advocate.

True Christians focus on Gods love and his respect for who you are, Bishop Gene Robinson: http://wp.me/p17DgA-bv