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CNN’s Dr. Jeff Gardere Apologizes for Remarks on Cross-Dressing Kid

November 8, 2010

4yr old at Halloween party


Dr. Jeff Gardere, the psychologist who scolded a mother last week for “outing” her son on a blog, has apologized after his remarks, that it’s the “worst nightmare” of both heterosexual and gay couples “to have to fathom that their child might be gay,” sparked outrage among many viewers.

In a statement to AfterElton, Gardere says he accepts full responsibility and offers a full apology, and this explanation:

“What the full statement should have been and what I always say because I do work with straight and gay parents, it is a real issue for them because they are afraid, and this is the part I didn’t say and what I should have said, and you can go back and research it and you’ll see that I’ve said it in every other place. And that is my fault and I accept complete responsibility for not saying that. Those parents, even gay parents say it, as controversial as that will sound, do not want their children to have to deal with the pain and the isolation and a lot of the emotional trauma that they have to go through as far as coming to terms with their sexuality. They know that they went through it and they prefer that their kids not go through it. And that’s what the full statement should have been…It was never my intention to criticize this mother.

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Come on Dr. Jeff… It’s a 4 year old boy on Halloween… So he dressed up like his favorite Scooby Doo character Daphne.  It doesn’t make the boy gay, or a cross-dresser.  It makes him a well adjusted child!  Thank God he didn’t dress up like Scooby Doo, who knows what you would have said about the boy. 

 The last thing he needs is a Psychologist labeling him at 4!

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