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AU Powerbrokers call for gay marriage debate

November 8, 2010


AU's PM Julia Gillard


TWO key right-wing Labor powerbrokers put themselves directly at odds with Prime Minister Julia Gillard yesterday by publicly backing gay marriage. After her Sports Minister Mark Arbib declared same sex partners should be allowed to marry, the PM yesterday insisted marriage was between a man and a woman.

“And that’s how is should stay,” she said. “I’ve been very clear about my view, I believe the Marriage Act should stay in the form that it is.”

However, Senator Arbib – one of the key powerbrokers who installed Ms Gillard as PM – yesterday told The Sunday Telegraph Labor should bring forward its national conference to thrash out the issue.

As Senator Arbib came out in support of same sex marriage, a right-wing union ally – AWU boss Paul Howes – also strongly backed changing the laws. “We are meant to be a progressive party”

via Powerbrokers call for gay marriage debate | Herald Sun.

It’s great to see another country on the path to full equality and Gay Marriage.  They already allow Civil Unions but this debate if successful would bring the issue to final closure.