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Release Dorothy’s response to Hate Inc.’s Sutherland Institute

November 6, 2010

Paul Mero

Salt Lake City, UT – Paul Mero (president of the Sutherland Institute) and his “Mero-Nite” followers want everyone to be clear, gays are sick and LGBT rights are only good if they benefit himself personally. Love it, Paul Mero’s going after PRIDEinUtah now.

Paul Mero and the Sutherland Institute sent out an article last night called “The Limits of Inclusion” last night, detailing why they believe that any law pertaining to gay or LGBT rights are a bad thing. His reasoning? LGBT rights are bad unless you can prove that they will benefit the heteros as well.

As usual, Mero riddles his argument with words phrases like, ”palliatives masquerading as principles,” meaning disorders masquerading as truth. It’s prejudicial and disproven statements like this which discredit the entirety of his arguments, and make for an easy breakdown by all credible sources, including many BYU PHDs.

via The Eyes And Ears Of Utah’s Queer Community: PRIDE in Utah.


Choose The Dorothy!

Looks like the “Institute” now that it no longer has an election to focus on, is wrapping back around to one of it’s favorite hate topics, LGBT rights.   Paul Mero released an article on 11/4/2010 full of mistruths, factless claims and anti-equality rhetoric.  I read the article a couple times (more on the article in future posts) but two things simply can’t wait…

As much as it pains me, I do agree with Mr. Mero that any religion “may set the terms of inclusion within its faith”; though I find it ironic that Mormon’s continue to bang at the door of Christian religions to be included without success.  Mr. Mero, Christians set their terms of inclusion just like Mormons.  I’m sorry to inform you but Mormon’s aren’t Christian and never will be Christian so stop asking…

As far as your LGBT activist bashing, both local and holistically, Faye Dunnaway as Joan Crawford said it best: