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The night the lights went out in Georgia: Megachurch Pastor Comes Out 

November 1, 2010


Jim Swilley- MegaChurch pastor outs himself

Jim Swilley- Pastor who outed himself


The pastor of a megachurch in Conyers, Ga., told his congregation last week that he’s gay, saying that while he knows his announcement might ruin his career, the recent rash of suicides pushed him to speak out.

Jim Swilley, 52, founded Rockdale County’s Church in the Now 25 years ago. His wife, Debye, was the associate pastor, and together they had four children.

Swilley says he’s known that he’s gay since he was a boy, and his wife knew when they got married. Jim and Debye are now divorced, but they kept his secret for more than 21 years. Earlier this year, Swilley says, Debye told him she thought it was time he stop living a lie.  via Megachurch Pastor Comes Out  | News | The Advocate.

Choose The Dorothy!

Yes folks… it’s possible to be Christian and gay (but not Mormon and gay).  The more LGBT that come out of the closet and accept who they are and share it with others; more people will realize that LGBT are just like everyone else… and that my friends is a DAMN good thing!
God Bless you Mr. Jim and your family.  Every LGBT person who’s come out of the closet understands how difficult it is in the short-term but the long-term gain really is worth it…