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No Place for Bullying

November 1, 2010

One antidote, in KSL’s view, would be greater parental involvement in the lives of their kids! It would include awareness of what’s going on in their children’s lives – of conditions at the local school, of peer groups and cliques and threatening gangs. Awareness must extend to their children’s use of cyberspace – of what they are doing on Facebook, Twitter and other social- networking sites.  via ksl.com – No Place for Bullying.

What Would Dorothy Do?


While there’s plenty that’s good with this article and a positive family message, one thing it doesn’t mention to parents… If you’re not open, accepting and loving enough to accept your child if they’re LGBT, then you’re doing yourself and your children a great deal of harm.  Your child isn’t going to come to you for help or open up about being bullied if they think you’re on the side of the bully!  Love your child unconditionally… it just might save their life!