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Mormon NOM- Propaganda in Print… it MUST be true!

November 1, 2010


Mormon Sponsored Propaganda: NOM

Mormon Sponsored Propaganda: NOM


Now there’s proof that the truth is actually quite different. That proof is in the form of a new book being released on Nov. 2 by Doubleday. In “Beyond a House Divided: The Moral Consensus Ignored by Washington, Wall Street and the Media,” the leader of the Knights of Columbus, Carl Anderson, shows how recent polling conclusively reveals that the culture wars are being won by those with traditional values.

via IBD Commentary: Americans finding consensus on key issues | NOM Blog.

What Would Dorothy Do?


How can you justify that ‘truth’ is written in a book sponsored by the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic organization nearly as bigoted as the Mormons?

This book is as factual as the fictional Book of Mormon.

This is simply one more bogus propoganda tool for bigots unable to accept anyone different from themselves.

I posted my comments on NOM’s blog site… they’re awaiting ‘moderation’… I figured since my comments would never see the light of day that I may as well post them where fair-minded people would be open to the truth!