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Gay Emory Student with Bad Fashion Sense Dragged From Frat Party

October 27, 2010

 Sigma Nu

An incident occurring at around midnight Saturday morning — during which a gay Emory student was forcibly ejected from a party at an off-campus home inhabited by members of the Sigma Nu fraternity — has raised questions concerning the extent to which Greek life at Emory is welcoming toward the University’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) community.

According to the alleged victim, his admission that he was gay instigated his forceful removal from the premises. His ejection was accompanied by anti-gay slurs and followed by what he termed “affirmative cheering” from many in attendance.

The student, who has not yet filed a police report and wished to remain unnamed for this story, attended the party at Sigma Nu’s off-campus house with multiple friends after first venturing out to Eagle Row. His particular choice of costume — a lime-green jacket, red pants and a wizard hat — meant that he stood out immediately among the crowd at the house, the student acknowledged.

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What Would Dorothy Do?

To the unnamed victim who chose to wear an outfit consisting of  “a lime-green jacket, red pants and a wizard hat” to a frat party… really?  Come on… You didn’t think someone would pick on you for that? 

To the Sig Nu’s….  I’d respect your bannishing him for bad fashion, but guys because he’s gay?  What, you were afraid he was going to steal your sorority sister slut and do what?  Or, did it just make you nervous he might out you in front of your friends for “accidentally” falling on his penis in a drunken stupor? 
If a harmless bad dressing gay man makes you uncomfortable, maybe you need to re-evaluate YOUR sexual orientation!