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Cynthia Gamble: Suicide by gays should be considered weakness

October 26, 2010

 In one of the most stunning displays of ignorance, intolerance, hate, and homophobia little Miss Cindy thinks gays are trying to take over the world, overthrow the government and likens the push for equality to the fascist and Nazi movements of the 1930’s.  She doesn’t stop there… She even believes that homosexuality is a choice, a lifestyle, and indoctrinates children. 

What Would Dorothy Do?


Cindy, I had to pause.  I’m sorry for you.  I’m sorry that you’re not able to understand how people different than you expect to be treated with respect, equality, dignity, and understanding.  I’m sorry that God didn’t give you the capability to celebrate the differences in people rather than hate them.  Most of all, I’m sorry that if you had children you’ve raised them in an environment which only decays the very foundation of a free society with your bigotry and ignorance.  Please Cindy- Get some help.  There are plenty of psychologists who can help.  If you can’t afford one, email me at releasedorothy@gmail.com and I’ll do what I can to get you the help you need.

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(UNEDITED)The history of the world has always been about a struggle between the selfish and the unselfish. The selfish can then form a cause or a force or a group and then it’s called fascism. These groups want to change our government to fit their lifestyle. Like Hitler, the selfish gain young recruits. Young men and women who come from lives of misery; bad parenting, abuse and drugs. These make fine recruits to the homosexual community since they are vulnerable and looking for someone to build them up emotionally. Just as HItler did in World War II, his army grew in numbers and so did his control. There is definitely a similarity here. Fascism can be defined as a forcible supression of opposition according to Webster’s Dictionary. It is true. If homosexuals are opposed, they burn churches and other buildings of worship to show their power and create fear among the masses in order to form their own government as only they see fit. They want certain rights afforded to them as it would be to any man or woman. They want marriage between a man and a man and a woman and a woman. They want to adopt children as if their lifestyle was normal. I remember hearing an interview of two women who adopted a young girl. They were asked if they were going to raise this little girl as a lesbian. They commented, “It was up to her.” Now, can’t we assume that is a choice? It is by choice they become who they are so proud to be. But if pride is the answer to their lifestyle, why do some commit suicide? It can’t be because of bullying. That would be considered a weakness. Perhaps its more the guilt they feel over their choices. Deep down in their gut, they know something is wrong.

A Greek Philosopher once said, “A country is only known by it’s people.” Well, we have become a complacent people. Desensitized to immoral behavior. This is what America has become known as. A country of corruption and immorality. Nothing at all with the standards and values that once made us great. That is all gone. We have moved to the point of no return.

Cynthia Gamble


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