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HRC Took Home $7.9 Million Less In 2010. Not That Joe Solmonese Got Paid Any Less

October 25, 2010
HRC carpetbagging the LGBT community

HRC and 'Uncle Joe' carpetbagging the LGBT minorities for their Votes & Money


With the release of its 990 tax form — which all tax-exempt non-profits are required to release when anyone asks for them, even via email — the Human Rights Campaign might have avoided an official IRS complaint after repeatedly refusing to turn over the documents (just like the National Organization for Marriage is doing, which HRC is quote-unquote furious about). But it also means the “largest” Gay Inc. group is disclosing that its coffers are 17 percent poorer this year after a tough economy and growing resentment with HRC leadership have cut cash flow. Luckily, if you work at HRC you wouldn’t have noticed any budget problems in your paycheck.Digging through the forms that he’s been urging HRC to release, Michael Petrelis finds in salary and benefits, programming head David Smith is taking home $245k, (now former?) development director Cathy Nelson took home $272k, and president Joe Solmonese is still earning a cool $304k (all pictured above, L-R#. That’s roughly what they earned in the previous year, thanks to a two-year pay freeze mandated by the board of directors in 2008.

What did decline between 2009 and 2010? Overall revenue, that’s what. In 2009 HRC took in $45,792,310; in 2010 it was just $37,918,133, or about $7.9 million less.

via HRC Took Home $7.9 Million Less In 2010. Not That Joe Solmonese Got Paid Any Less / Queerty.

What would Dorothy Do?


Carpetbagger Joe S needs to give his fair share back to the community…  Time to be an ADVOCATE again and not a carreer lobbiest!