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No Scout leadership post in NC for Mormon parents

October 19, 2010

RALEIGH, N.C. — A Presbyterian church was happy to have Jeremy and Jodi Stokes as Cub Scout leaders, at least until officials there found out they are Mormons and told them they would have to step down because the church does not consider them real Christians.

While I am not an advocate of discriminating against anyone I find Jodi Stokes comment particularly interesting:

It was just awkward because we know them on a different level, and then they say, Oh, you’re not a Christian

Well Miss Jodi, I just have to say Karma is a BIOTCH! As a local Utah resident, my representatives say Oh, your Gay.. you can’t have equal housing (it might offend someone’s theological convictions), you can’t have domestic partner benefits (we don’t recognize your relationship), you can’t adopt children  and the Governor called us ‘sexual deviants’ (I think he meant that in a bad way)… 

It’s about time you and your block voting bigot buddies got a taste of your own medicine. 

Now that I’m off my soap box, the real culprit is the Boy Scouts of America.  It’s time that we set sexual orientation, religion, and politics aside and hold BSA responsible for the demeaning discriminitory behavior they propagate.  What kind of leadership is this organization fostering in our youth?  Hate, bigotry, discrimination?  Is this what people want to teach their children by letting them be apart of such a group?

Wake up people… When you send your kids to scouts, this is what you’re passively promoting.  Whether your local troop is ‘good’ or not, you’re supporting and funding an organization based on discrimination and intolerance. 


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