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Gay-rights leader delivers petition to LDS Church

October 13, 2010

Published Oct 12, 2010 01:59PM
Updated 1 hour ago Updated Oct 12, 2010 05:01PM 

Published Oct 12, 2010 01:59PM
Updated 1 hour ago

On Tuesday, Joe Solmonese, president of national gay-rights heavyweight the Human Rights Campaign, delivered a petition with 150,000 signatures to the LDS Church Office Building in Salt Lake City.

Good for HRC, Equality Utah, and Affirmation join together and campaign for our equality. I’m proud to say that my signature is one of those 150k!

 Otterson goes on to say:

Experiencing such attraction is not sinful, he said, but it is a sin to act on those feelings.

Although completely polar to my beliefs, I completely respect the LDS Church position.  They have a right to think and act as they fit… Just stop push your twisted beliefs on me and making inflamatory remarks that put people stuggling with their sexuality at risk..

One final note.. good for the LDS representative for stating:

“We join our voice with others in unreserved condemnation of acts of cruelty, or attempts to belittle or mock any group or individual that is different — whether those differences arise from race, religion, mental challenges, social status, sexual orientation or for any other reason.”

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