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NOMs Antigay Efforts Under Investigation

August 11, 2013 Comments off
English: Iowa Supreme Court in Des Moines

English: Iowa Supreme Court in Des Moines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



The Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board is currently investigating the group for hiding the identities of the people who give them money.The board is looking into actions of NOM during 2010 and 2012, when justices fought to keep their jobs three of seven were removed in 2010 by voters…

“This is just the latest example of how NOM doesn’t believe laws apply to them,” Human Rights Campaign vice president of communications Fred Sainz said in a release. “NOM has a penchant for portraying themselves as a grassroots organization, but their own tax returns tell a different story. Brian Brown and his antigay cohorts went into Iowa with the goal of intimidating justices all across the country.”

via NOMs Antigay Efforts in Iowa Have Them in Hot Water | Advocate.com.

US Senator Richard Durbin on #ENDA and #LGBT Rights

July 17, 2013 Comments off
Advocate Against Discrimination

Advocate Against Discrimination (Photo credit: FreePride Foundation Project)

This is why I LOVE my US Senator Dick Durbin…

July 15, 2013
Dear Mr. Black:
Thank you for contacting me about employment non-discrimination. I appreciate hearing from you.
Throughout my service in Congress, I have supported legislation to end discrimination based on factors such as race, religion, and sexual orientation. Fair and equal treatment of all Americans is a cornerstone of our society and our political system. Unfortunately, despite great progress, the struggle for civil rights and equal treatment under the law continues today for many citizens.
In each of the last several Congresses including the 112th, I have cosponsored the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. This measure would prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Specifically, it would make it unlawful for employers to discharge or refuse to hire any individual, or limit any individual’s employment opportunities, based on that person’s sexual orientation.
As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and as a long-time supporter of employment non-discrimination efforts, I will continue to work toward the goals of this legislation.
Thanks again for sharing your views. Please feel free to keep in touch.
United States Senator

Boy Scout Leadership’s Latest Policy

April 27, 2013 Comments off


Boy Scouts- No Adult Gays! #lgbt #gay #lgbtnews

April 22, 2013 Comments off
History of the Boy Scouts of America

History of the Boy Scouts of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The BSA is, once again, reconsidering its ban on adult homosexuals.

The BSA will now be more inclusive of it’s scouts however they continue their discriminatory ban on adult homosexuals serving as leaders.  It’s ridiculous the  BSA continue to exclude gay leaders from enriching the lives of scouts.   Even more disturbing is sending the message it’s ‘OK to be gay’ when you’re young, but be ashamed when you’re older!

Pending “Membership Standards resolution”  - http://www.scouting.org/sitecore/content/MembershipStandards/Resolution/Resolution.aspx


The following membership standard for youth members of the Boy Scouts of America is hereby adopted and approved, effective Jan. 1, 2014:

Youth membership in the Boy Scouts of America is open to all youth who meet the specific membership requirements to join the Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Sea Scout, and Venturing programs. Membership in any program of the Boy Scouts of America requires the youth member to (a) subscribe to and abide by the values expressed in the Scout Oath and Scout Law, (b) subscribe to and abide by the precepts of the Declaration of Religious Principle (duty to God), and (c) demonstrate behavior that exemplifies the highest level of good conduct and respect for others and is consistent at all times with the values expressed in the Scout Oath and Scout Law. No youth may be denied membership in the Boy Scouts of America on the basis of sexual orientation or preference alone.

Reuters’ article:


The National Council needs to hear loud and clear from the vast majority of Scouts and Scouters that this is unacceptable.  The Boy Scouts proposal would create a situation where a gay youth could become a scout and then be forced to resign when he becomes an adult.  It’s extremely important that the BSA hear from grass roots community members that their continued discrimination and bigotry is NOT Acceptable.  Their phone lines should be ringing non-stop for the next week.

Their number is 972-580-2000.  Stress that you are associated with a COMMUNITY troop  and that this move is totally unacceptable and contrary to the morals that Scouting has tried to instill in young men for over a century.

In addition, you can send a note to MyScouting@Scouting.org and NationalSupportCenter@Scouting.org to voice your opposition.

If you’d like to do more, contact the BSA National Sponsors:

The Boy Scouts of America is honored to recognize AT&T, official communications sponsor of the BSA, for its generous support of our organization. AT&T’s support of the BSA since 2010 has contributed greatly to enhancing the Scouting experience for youths and adults alike. We are grateful for AT&T’s ongoing support of Scouting.

The Boy Scouts of America thanks ExxonMobil for being a Mission Sponsor of the organization. ExxonMobil’s support is focused on increasing awareness and involvement by Scouts in the areas of science, technology, energy, and math (STEM). ExxonMobil is committed to seeking out and honoring Scouts willing to partake in an exciting journey through a variety of STEM activities, events, and programs, all designed to deliver increased numbers of quality engineers, mathematicians, and scientists from Scouting for many years to come.

The Boy Scouts of America is honored to recognize Mission Sponsor Dale Coyne Racing (DCR). By utilizing the excitement and high-tech nature of Indy-style racing cars as a platform to promote science, technology, and math to those involved in Scouting, DCR’s goal is to increase youth interest in the concepts of engineering and math in ways that are fun and relevant.

The Boy Scouts of America is honored to recognize Scott Lagasse Racing (SLR) for its generous support of our organization. SLR has agreed to include the BSA brand as part of their NASCAR Nationwide racing team. SLR is committed to promoting the Scouting program through STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities, educational opportunities, and VIP experiences for local councils. Offering Scouts an opportunity to enjoy Scouting through a NASCAR event is an exciting experience for people of all ages. We appreciate SLR’s support and look forward to seeing NASCAR audiences embrace Scouting through this program.

The Boy Scouts of America is honored to recognize Bass Pro Shops for its generous support of our organization. Bass Pro Shops’ support is focused on its Family Summer Camp promotion, held in all of its stores each summer (June and July). Every store offers workshops, solicits donations, and promotes Scouting throughout their advertising and promotional materials leading up to and during the promotions. Bass Pro Shops’ support helps Scouts with their advancement each summer.

The Boy Scouts of America is honored to recognize mFunds for its generous support of our organization. mFunds is a leader in delivering unique systems to receive, store, move, and manage money. After managing an extremely successful 2010 National Scout Jamboree payment solution, mFunds is helping the BSA navigate the complicated world of fi nancial education as part of the new Scout Prepaid Card program. We are grateful to mFunds’ commitment to develop one of the most successful fi scal education programs in the country through Scouting.

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is honored to recognize INDYCAR for its generous support of our organization. INDYCAR helps educate Scouts about the importance of teamwork, performance, and advancement by utilizing activities and communications focused on science, technology, energy, and math (STEM). In a sport where thousandths of a second might mean the difference between last place and a championship, INDYCAR offers a unique perspective for Scouts that will take them well beyond what takes place on the race track and accelerate life’s adventure.

The Resort at Glade Springs is the preferred accommodations choice for the Boy Scouts of America when visiting The Summit Bechtel Family national Scout Reserve. Conveniently located just miles from The Summit and will all the comforts of home and then some, Glade Springs is the perfect choice when visiting Scouting’s new home but needing comforts beyond those provided by a tent!

Lincoln Electric is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of arc welding products, robotic arc welding systems, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment and has a leading global position in the brazing and soldering alloys market.

Our commitment to providing the highest quality, most innovative and cost-effective welding solutions is one that has guided our company for more than 100 years. Visit http://www.lincolnelectric.com for more information.

via Current Sponsors/Alliances.

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Ex-Gay Superstar John Paulk Finally Renounces His Ex-Gay Past #LGBT

Rainbow flag (LGBT movement) LGBT (lesbian, ga...

Rainbow flag (LGBT movement) LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) Pride flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






John Paulk Must Now Begin The Hard Work Of Atoning For The Damage He Has Done To LGBT People, And Anne Paulk And The Religious Right Must Stop Peddling The Lie Of The Paulks’ “Fairy-Tale ‘Ex-Gay’ Marriage” Immediately, Says Truth Wins Out


IL Rep Dist. #106 Josh Harms Vowed to Extend Personal Liberties-Unless You’re Gay!

April 4, 2013 Comments off
Josh Harms Rep Dist 106

Josh Harms Rep Dist 106

Josh Harms, IL District #106 recently elected Representative ran on a platform of extending personal liberties among other things.   On the surface, a Representative who fights for individual liberties sounds like a good thing, pursuit of happiness and all that comes along with it.  But when you get down to it, Mr. Harms only fights for personal liberties that suit him, be damned if it’s for the good of the people of IL.

For example, his personal liberties platform statements like ‘regulation should only be applied when one person’s liberty is impending another person’s liberty’ is a counter statement to banning abortion (the personal liberty of the mother).  Additionally, he opposes the Religious Freedom and Marriage Equality Act.  An act that allows Churches to decide who they’ll marry and allows all legal age people in the state to marry the person of their choice.  How can you defend personal liberty when you’re more intent on taking personal liberties away from women and second class citizens?  Oh, and don’t give me the line how my constituents don’t support it.  First, you don’t put human rights up for popular vote, and 80% of Illinoisans believe that LGBT citizens should have equal rights.   As far as abortion goes, we have this little case law that you might have heard of, Row v Wade.  It insures the mother has personal liberties as well as a baby who can live outside the womb.



Mr. Harms’ Personal Liberties Platform (abbreviated)

A. School Reform

B. College Tuition

C. Law abiding individuals have a right to own firearms

D. Citizens have a Right to Life

    1. The 14th amendment of the United States Constitutions protects an unborn baby

    a. Abortion should only occur if the mother would die as a result of carrying the baby to term

E. State regulation should only be applied when one person’s liberty is impeding another person’s liberty

F. Party affiliation is not as important as the well-being of the citizens of the 106th district

G. State and Federal government have different responsibilities to the citizens of the country

H. There are instances, such as Nicor, where government institutions work better than private institutions

I.  The federal government has no jurisdiction in healthcare but the state does if it is the will of the people

J.  Citizens rights supersede alien’s rights

K. The State government has the right to protect the rights of consumers against fraudulent business practices

Josh grew up on a family farm outside of Watseka. He has been married to his wife, Rebecca, for 14 years. They have two children, Paul and Molly.

Josh graduated with a Bachelors degree from Illinois State University in 1997 and from Governors State University with a Masters Degree in 2007. Since then he has taught in Vermilion and Iroquois Counties and they live in Watseka. December of 2012 when he resigned from teaching to work full-time as a legislator for the people of Central Illinois.

via About Josh | Rep. Josh Harms.

Christian Man Sues Ex-Wife to Prohibit Gay Man from Babysitting #LGBT

April 4, 2013 Comments off
Gay Christian Flag

Gay Christian Flag





A Roman Catholic father in Maryland has asked his lawyer, Paul C. Sullivan to pen one of the most horrific pieces of undeniable bigotry I have seen in recent years.

Ed and Kelly were married, had two children and then divorced (as has been known to happen). Kelly was awarded custody of the children with visitation from Ed. Since then, it seems Kelly has become friends with a gay man – Chris. Kelly has since re-married and she sometimes asks Chris to babysit her kids (as has been known to happen).

via Talk About Equality.


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